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Site Investigation Report

We will perform a site visit, photograph the site and surrounding properties, and meet with all agencies responsible for permitting your project. Prepare a report that includes all zoning, building, engineering, and utility information. We summarize all issues and provide a cost summary related to the development of the proposed site in the front of the report that we call a Development Summary. We then provide a detailed report section that details all aspects of the site as it relates to your specific needs. A contact list is provided with all agency contacts that will be a part of the approval process. The site photographs taken are arranged into panoramas to give you an understanding of the site's visibility as well as providing you with a view of the proposed site at the time of the report. We can tailor this report for your specific needs. The cost of this report is a flat fee plus expenses. The fee is based on the complexity of your proposed project.

Permit Processing

We will coordinate directly with your architect to ensure that your plans will be submitted to the various permitting agencies as quickly as possible. We can fill in all permit applications, submit the plans, and pay any initial submittal fees that are required. We then oversee the plan review process to get the project permitted as quickly as possible. The client should also be aware that by having Clark Commercial Development handle their project also contributes to expedite their permit. Clark Commercial Development will serve as a single point of contact between all agencies and the client's consultants making it easier for agencies to know who to call. Clients can be kept up to date on the status of their project in real-time, or with weekly status reports.


Clark Commercial Development understands that obtaining the permits for a project can sometimes be a time-consuming and costly process. If permits are not obtained when they need to be, it leads to construction delays of your project and the chance that there will be a full construction crew on-site with nothing to do. We will coordinate directly with your selected general contractor to obtain permits on their behalf. This relieves the pressure on both the client and the general contractor. Our philosophy is that we want clients to prepare for their opening day and not have to worry about permits. That's our job!

Leave the construction to the contractors and let us handle the permitting. After all, our rates are much less than you or your contractor sitting in line at the city waiting for your name to be called.

Let us help! Contact us today.